Setting Tempo

  • Click arrows to change, click and hold to scroll.
  • Click and scrub the tempo number vertically.
  • Up / Down arrow keys change by 1 bpm, Left / Right change by 5 bpm. Press Enter to type an exact value.
  • Click the TAP button or T / Backspace on a keyboard at least three times in a row.


  • Click on notes to cycle through subdivisions.

Accents & Rests

  • Click small buttons below notes to add an accent or rest.
  • Right-click on notes to quickly add accent to the first subdivision.

Time Signature

  • Click on the time signature to reveal available options.
  • For 5/8 and 7/8, click the button below the time signature to cycle through different groupings.

Auto Mode

  • Auto mode has two variants: one mutes metronome clicks, the other increases or decreases tempo.
  • Press the AUTO button or A to activate.
  • Change modes by clicking on MUTE/ADD/BAR/SEC labels.
  • Change values by clicking and typing or scrubbing numbers vertically.

Sounds & Volume

  • Spacebar to start and stop metromone.
  • Drag slider or press Cmd plus arrow keys to adjust the volume.
  • M to mute.
  • You'll find a list of sounds from Settings and from the menu.
  • O cycles through sounds.
  • There's a pan option in Setting and from the menu.


  • There are 9 memory slots to save the tempo, signature and divisions into.
  • S saves the current preset.
  • Cmd+1 .. Cmd+9 save current settings as another preset.
  • 1 .. 9 loads a preset.
  • P cycles through presets.

Display Options

  • Tempomate prevents your computer from entering sleep mode while the metronome is playing.
  • You can also prevent the display from turning off from Settings or from the application menu.
  • Cmd+T forces the window to float on top of others.


  • L toggles click light.
  • F enters or leaves full-screen mode.
  • You can resize the window.

You'll find many options also from the application menu. Happy practising!